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Membership Status

2nd April 2017 Richard 0

At the moment, the club is not accepting new members. To ensure all our members have good access to our flying field we have decided […]

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Mikado 550 SE Tail Wag

17th August 2016 Richard 5

I’m currently trying to identify the cause of the tail wag. This is a newly built heli with Mini vBar, YGE90LV speed controller. All Savox […]

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Field condition

15th April 2016 Richard 0

The field is quite soft due to recent wet weather, please drive to the left upon entering the field and head to the blue area. […]

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Photo Galleries

11th April 2016 Richard 0

I’ve uploaded the photo albums from the old site. I will be sifting through some of my various camera libraries to find previously unpublished images […]

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It’s about time

10th April 2016 Richard 0

I’m currently re-organising the site. Its been a while so it could take a few days. In the mean time, feel free to register your […]